The Different

Types of Dirt Bikes

These Dirt Bikes you should know

Dirt Bikes are motorcycles that are specially designed for off-road riding. Therefore Dirt Bikes have special and unique features that are different from a street bikes. Depending on the riding style and the terrain in which the bike is to be ridden, as well as the type of rider and their skills, there are different types of Dirt Bikes.

To get you well prepared for your next Dirt Bike adventure with Bali Dirt Bikes, we’ll explain to you the different types of Dirt Bikes.

Motocross Bikes

Motocross Bikes, or MX Bikes for short, are mainly built for racing on closed off-road (competition) tracks with jumps, corners, whoops and obstacles. A Motocross Bike stands out from other Dirt Bikes due to its specialized design and purpose. They are optimized for high-speed performance and nimble handling to navigate the demanding terrain. Therefore they are equipped with powerful, high-revving engines that deliver exceptional acceleration and top speed provided by instant throttle response to tackle jumps swiftly. 

MX Bikes’ priority is to have an overall lightweight to increase the bike’s responsiveness. That’s why they usually feature lightweight frames made from materials like aluminium or carbon fibre and do without many extras. Features like headlights, mirrors, electric starters, and kickstands, which are common on other Dirt Bikes, are usually absent to keep the bike as light and streamlined as possible.

Jump on your Motocross Adventure with Bali Dirt Bikes and explore the Motocross Track in Bali. Choose between our 5 different MX Bikes from the best manufacturers like Kawasaki, KTM and Husqvarna

Enduro Bikes

Designed for long-distance off-road riding and races, Enduro Bikes combine elements of motocross and cross-country riding. They are built to handle a wide range of conditions and terrains including trails, rocky paths, forests, and mountainous regions. While Enduro Bikes are commonly used in racing, they are also popular among recreational riders who enjoy long-distance off-road adventures and therefore mostly equipped with a comfortable seat and a large fuel tank. 

Unlike some other Dirt Bikes, they are also often equipped with lighting systems, that enable them to be street-legal, allowing riders to transition between off-road trails and public roads seamlessly, as is the case during the Enduro Tours with Bali Dirt Bikes. Take off on thrilling and sometimes challenging Enduro Trails through the regions of Tabanan and Kintamani: on the beach, through the rainforests or surrounded by unique volcanic landscapes.

Trail Bikes

The more user- and beginner-friendly alternative to a Motocross or an Enduro Bike is the Trail Bike. The lightweight Dirt Bike is made for recreational riders who want to explore dirt trails, forest paths, mountainous tracks, and other outdoor environments with ease. Trail Bikes prioritize rider comfort and ease of use. They typically feature softer suspension settings compared to Motocross or Enduro Bikes, providing a smoother ride over rough terrain. 

These include e.g. lower seat height to make it easy for riders to put their feet on the ground and user-friendly features, such as electric starters, which eliminate the need for kick-starting. The mostly minimalistic technology and features make the Trail Bike especially welcoming to beginners.

Dual Sports Bikes and Adventure Bikes

Dual Sports Bikes or also known as Adventure Bikes are street-legal motorcycles designed to excel in both on-road and off-road riding. They are made to handle longer rides and extended adventures and to travel on asphalted road surfaces as well as dirt or gravel trails. Therefore their design prioritizes rider comfort and often features more upright seating positions, ergonomic handlebars, and adjustable suspension to ensure a comfortable riding experience. They come equipped with features necessary for street legalities like light systems, turn signals, mirrors, and horns, enabling riders to legally ride on public roads and highways. 

Adventure Bikes are friendly for different skill levels since its lightweight with good balance and the engine is not too powerful. Riding on an Adventure Bike is normally more laidback. With Bali Dirt Bikes you can also go on a Motorbike Adventure Tour. Ride your Adventure Bike through the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, the volcanic landscapes of Mount Batur or the Bedugul region.

Motocross Bikes, Enduro Bikes, Trail Bikes and Adventure Bikes are the typical different types of Dirt Bike, whereas an Adventure Bike actually more of a broad category of motorcycles is. Besides that, most manufacturers also offer specific Dirt Bikes for children with smaller engines and lower seat heights. Furthermore, more and more brands designing a new category of Dirt Bikes: the Electric Dirt Bikes. Some Electric Dirt Bikes are already available on the market but there will be even more coming in the future.

You can see, there are different Dirt Bikes for different levels and purposes. If you want to try them, you shouldn’t wait and finally book your (first ride) with Bali Dirt Bikes!