Forest Kintamani

From deep forests to steep downhill jungle, sandy river beds to wide open tracks: the Forest Kintamani Enduro tour will satisfy even the most demanding riders. The surroundings of Batur Lake offer spectacular views and you will go through various altitudes along the tracks.

Volcano Kintamani

Experience the majestic Volcano Kintamani with Bali Dirt Bikes, navigating the mystic and captivating volcanic terrain of Mount Batur. This remarkable trail provides a unique chance to traverse extensive black sand dunes, an awe-inspiring spectacle you’ll never forget. Embrace this thrilling adventure.

Jungle Tabanan

Trek through lush rainforests and verdant rice fields, tackling natural obstacles and thick vegetation and get fascinated by a sunset ride on the beach. Embrace the challenge on your Enduro Bike, exploring the beauty of nature while testing your abilities on the amazing Jungle Tabanan trail.

Beach Tabanan

Ride along a picturesque coastline, traverse numerous rivers, and savor the unforgettable Beach Tabanan trail on your Dirt Bike adventure. Immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery and feel the refreshing ocean breeze throughout your journey. This incredible experience caters to those seeking both beauty and thrills