Experience the new Beta 2024 300 RR 2T

A dirt bike that redefines the off-road experience, designed to provide a diverse range of riders, from beginner to seasoned riders. We introduce the newest Beta 2024 300 RR 2T, a bike that seamlessly combines innovation and accessibility. Join us as we explore the technical and practical upgrades and aspects that make this dirt bike an innovator in the world of dirt biking!

Comfortable upgrades for every rider

One of the key focuses in the development of the Beta 2024 300 RR 2T has been rider comfort. The seat, a crucial point of connection between the rider and the bike, has undergone a significant transformation. The foam used in the seat now features a different geometry and density, ensuring greater comfort for riders during long rides. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner, the improved seat design promises a more enjoyable and comfortable journey on diverse terrains, from the beaches to the bumpy jungles.

Cooling efficiency, mobility & upgraded braking system

The Beta 2024 300 RR 2T doesn’t just excel in performance; it is designed for durability and manoeuvrability. The bike has new radiators for the 250 and 300 2-stroke models, as well as the entire four-stroke range. These radiators are not only lighter and tougher but also feature shaped reservoirs in the upper section, allowing the bike to achieve a greater steering angle. Improved coolant circulation ensures better vehicle cooling, making sure you can make longer and safer rides, and the radiators boast a greater number of reinforcements. Additionally, a new non-plastic cap adds toughness and reduces vulnerability to potential impacts of the environments during the different trails.

Safety is crucial in off-road riding, and this dirt bike addresses this with upgrades to the front braking system. The brake line now features dual crimping at the top and bottom, a great improvement from the previous single crimping at the bottom. This ensures that the brake line protection can better withstand the continuous stresses it faces during challenging rides. You will feel more confident in your control and responsiveness as you ride on various terrains with these safety-focused upgrades!

New graphics and reliable engine

The Beta 2024 300 RR 2T not only stands out in performance but also in its looks. Departing from the simple and essential look of the previous model, the MY24 range features completely new graphics. These graphics have an aggressive, geometric, and modern look. The classic red, white, and black colours are typical for this model. The design integrates perfectly with the frame and plastics, giving the bike a visually cool and contemporary look.

The engine is the heart of any dirt bike, and Beta ensures that the 300 2-stroke engine in the MY24 RR range maintains the highest standards possible. The roller bearings in the engine have been upgraded to be tougher and higher performance compared to the previous models. This improves the engine’s reliability and contributes to a more dependable and enjoyable riding experience.

Having glimpsed the features of the Beta 2024 300 RR 2T, it’s time to transform this insight into action on our diverse Dirt Bike Trails. Each trail is a showcase of the dirt bikes

Explore Bali's Diverse Trails with Beta 2024 300 RR 2T

Additionally, our Dirt Bike Trails offer unique experiences tailored to showcase the versatility of the Beta 2024 300 RR 2T:

1. Beach Tabanan

This tour helps you get to know the versatility of the Beta 2024 300 RR 2T, ensuring you’re prepared for any scenario.

2. Jungle Tabanan

This tour helps you get to know the versatility of the Beta 2024 300 RR 2T, ensuring you’re prepared for any scenario.

3. Volcano Kintamani

This tour provides a unique opportunity to feel the power of the Beta 2024 300 RR 2T amidst Bali’s volcanic beauty.

4. Forest Kintamani

The dirt bike is the perfect weapon for this all-terrain adventure. From the surroundings of Batur Lake to spectacular views, you’ll navigate through diverse elevations along the tracks!

The Beta 2024 300 RR 2T is a revolution in off-road riding and a great add-on in our Dirt Bike collection. From comfort to improved safety features, and from cutting-edge technology to a daring and modern design. Every aspect of this bike is made to take your off-road adventures to another level.

Are you curious about taking this new monster on your next ride? Book your next adventure with us at Bali Dirt Bikes and explore the trails on the Beta 2024 300 RR 2T. Discover the bike’s innovative features while you ride across Bali’s lush and beautiful scenery! Ready? Set, go!

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