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Professional Dirt Bike and Motorbike Adventure Tours in Bali

Experience the various trails Bali has to offer. Suitable for all levels of riders. Our experienced and English-speaking guides will take you to areas very few people can access. Explore the most spectacular views of Bali during our Adventure Tours. Get your adrenaline pumped on exciting Motocross Tracks and Enduro Trails and receive helpful tips from our guides to exceed your limits with Bali Dirt Bikes.


A great introduction to motocross and dirt bike in Bali and a perfect way to get off the beaten track. Suited for absolute beginners who never ride a motorbike before or for those with little experience.


Designed for seasoned bikers who have been riding a typical geared bike for at least six months, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate and assess their biking abilities.


Challenging tracks for experienced bikers who want to push their limits off-road and love dirt bike adventures.

Our Enduro Tours, Motorbike Tours, Multiday Tours & Motocross Tracks

Our Enduro Tours, Motorbike Tours & Multiday Tours



An experienced English-speaking guide is taking you to the best trails and tracks.


Including a helmet, goggles, boots, gloves, elbow & knee pads, chest protector, top & pants.


À la carte lunch & drink at a local restaurant. Water is provided throughout your trip.


All damage to the bike and gear is covered in the package costs.



  • Tim Walker

    I had an amazing day out on the track. Brilliant local guides and brand-new great bikes. Absolutely loved it and will be back!!

    Tim Walker
  • Eden Hull

    The best place for an incredible off-road driving experience. Very organised with new bikes and equipment for all and perfect service. Also, the best way to see Bali as you saw it before. Loved it and would do it again!

    Eden Hull
  • Annie Koh

    Awesome experience. The team was great, very patient and very helpful. I thought I would have fun, but it was beyond that: it was an experience I will never forget. Thanks for the experience of riding my first dirt bike.

    Annie Koh
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Depending on the bike and the package you choose, our prices vary from IDR 1.2mil to IDR 4.2mil. You can find all packages and prices here.

  • Bike rental (including fuel)
  • Safety equipment including helmet & goggles, boots, gloves, elbow & knee pads, chest protector, top & pants
  • À la carte lunch & drink at a local restaurant
  • Water provided throughout your trip
  • Bike insurance: All damage to the bike and gear is covered in the package cost
  • Free jersey
  • Experienced, local and English-speaking guides
  • Professional photographs are not included in the booking price and can be booked as extra
  • We recommend all tourists visiting Bali take out comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Health/accident insurance is not included in the prices.

PayPal, Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

Come in your regular, comfy clothes. We have you covered with safety equipment such as helmets & goggles, boots, gloves, elbow & knee pads, chest protectors, tops & pants as well as a jersey. In addition, water is also provided.

All our guides are Indonesian- and English-speaking.

You can keep all valuables secured in the support vehicle.

All damage to the bike & gear is covered by package price.

As we ride off-road no license is needed.

Depending if you want to go on an Enduro Trail, an Adventure Tour or Motocross Track, we provide you with the best Dirt Bikes, Motocross Machines and Adventure Bikes from the best brands like KTM, Kawasaki and HUSQVARNA. We offer Bikes for every riding level and preference. Please visit our bikes page for a full list of bikes, descriptions and prices.

We have a range of tracks to suit all levels of experience. Most of our tours can be customized according to your level. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or professional, Bali Dirt Bikes is always the perfect choice to get off the beaten track.

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Dirt bikes are purpose-built motorcycles exclusively intended for off-road riding. The diverse range of dirt bikes available caters to various riding styles, terrains, rider preferences, and skill levels. As you gear up for your upcoming Dirt Bike adventure with Bali Dirt Bikes, we’ll introduce you to the different types of Dirt Bikes.

June 19, 2023

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